Alternative Medicine for Cancer Patients

The idea behind most alternative medicine for cancer in the body, when healthy, can eliminate cancer itself. Therefore, to assist in healing the whole body is a healthy return to the country, what the cancer patients that is aimed for. Although some alternative medicine focus on certain areas or to target cancer itself, the most of this is to the whole body treatment.

Cancer is a severe disease and medication are often even worse. Program with primary chemotherapy and radiation occurs, many people began to wonder if it is even worth it. For this reason, most of the majority of cancer patients turn to alternative medicine in hopes to find a more natural way to heal their weaknesses. Here we will see the most commonly used alternative medicine for cancer patients.

There are four main types of alternative cancer drug that can lean to the patient. The most popular and probably the best known herbal therapy that is clearly focused on the use of herbs to help the body restore its balance. This is also the oldest form of cancer treatment, because the herbs have been around since the beginning and always used to treat diseases and ailments of the body. Herbal therapy that can be used to cure cancer, among others: binahong, purwoceng, ant nest, keladi tikus, pegagan, white turmeric, ginger red. In addition, some herbal masaih other information can be found in

Mind-body therapy focuses on the mind-body connection and is one of the more controversial alternative medicines that are available for cancer patients. Therapy include meditation, counseling and other methods of hypnosis to help patients to obtain remission. The idea that emotions and beliefs can hurt or help the patient behind the mind-body therapy. This also tends to use visualization techniques to build up the immune system against cancer and death.

Great alternative to a drug often used to treat metabolic cancer therapy. This treatment is based on the idea that cancer is caused by something in the body, usually toxins and poisons that have been collected over many years. In order to treat the cancer, must first remove one reason for that. Metabolic often quite aggressive therapy, including whole-body detoxification and cleansing, colon cleansing and drastic changes in diet to maintain the purity of the body.

Immunological therapy is the last type of alternative medicine that cancer patients go back. The end of this therapy is based on the belief that the failure of the immune system allows the cancer to grow and develop in the body, thereby treating the immune system, such as the name. There are various types of treatment in this therapy, including fever therapy, diet and nutrition supplements, along with the vaccine and gamma globulin treatment.

This is the fourth most common alternative medicine used for cancer when people decide to no longer rely on conventional Therapies. While some cancer patients fully deliver on the radiation and chemotherapy, combining two other people, alternative medicine with standard medical care.

When hope is running out, or if cancer patients feel that they are just poisoning their bodies with more standard methods, alternative medicine is the place to turn. While some people claim great success with this method, other say they do not work at all. This is really the decision of each individual what he will do so.